• Mallinckrodt Celebrates Accreditation with Distinction Honor
    Kissing the Pig

    What better way to celebrate an academic achievement than by kissing a pig?! Keeping her promise to students if the school reached Accreditation with Distinction status, former Principal Merry Denny returned to Mallinckrodt on September 23 to host an assembly for students that culminated with her kissing a pig!

    Mallinckrodt is one of seven SLPS schools recognized as being Accredited with Distinction—the highest level of achievement under MSIP 5.

    Principal Denny thanked all students, teachers, and staff for working together to reach the prestigious goal. Leading up to the testing, K-2 students, who were too young to take the tests, cheered on their older schoolmates, urging them to “Zap the MAP!” Sixth graders who graduated from Mallinckrodt last year and are now in middle school were invited back and thanked for their scores and efforts.

    “You guys set goals,” Principal Denny said to all of the students. “You achieved your goals. You should be very, very proud of yourselves.”

    Other parts of the program included a song, “Step Into the Spotlight,” sung by third graders; a presentation by Dr. Carrie Ellis-Kalton from Maryville University; pig jokes told by student Charlie Ross; and pig poems read by students Miara Cabrera and Elma Bjellevac.
    Charlie    Signs
    Denny   Poem