• Surprise! Woerner Teacher Receives $1,000 Gift from OfficeMax
    Mrs Johnson and Class

    Woerner Elementary teacher Freddie Johnson was honored today with more than $1,000 of new office supplies and classroom resources from OfficeMax. The gift was part of the company’s seventh annual “A Day Made Better” event. The national initiative aims to relieve and support teachers who spend their own money on much-needed classroom supplies.

    Mrs. Johnson, who was nominated for the award by Principal Peggy Meyer, has been teaching at Woerner for more than 10 years. She is currently teaches fourth grade boys.

    “Mrs. Johnson is an amazing teacher,” Principal Meyer wrote in her nomination letter. “Her ability to make positive connections with all of her students puts her a step above the rest. Her students love and respect her, and because of this, learn at high levels.

    “Mrs. Johnson is always buying things for her classroom and for her students. Supplies, rewards, and incentives for her students seem to always be on her shopping list. Mrs. Johnson truly deserves to have ‘A Day Made Better.’ Her generosity and commitment make her an ideal candidate for this honor.”

    Along with a new, comfy office chair—which was also a big hit with Mrs. Johnson’s husband, who was in attendance—the gift included a Kindle Fire, a Canon Powershot camera, and more than 150 other items ranging from pens and pencils to batteries and sticky notes.

    For more information, go online to http://adaymadebetter.com.
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