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    Several students at Gateway STEM High School took a brief break from the books during summer school to see how chocolate candy is made at the nearby Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory.  According to teacher Thomas Johnston the field trip fit in nicely with what his students are studying this summer. 

    The summer school program for ESOL students at Gateway STEM is an enrichment program.  Mr. Johnston's summer school theme is Missouri and the Show Me State.  Students have learned all about Missouri history, 
    geography, and famous people from Missouri.  They went to the Old Courthouse to re-enact the Dred Scott Trial.  They also learned about famous people and places in Missouri. 

    While learning about the economy of Missouri, students watched videos about the Boeing, Ford, and the Tums factories.  The trip to the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory was a chance to see a Missouri factory in person.

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