• North City Book Project

    Adams I  

    North City teachers wanted their students’ voices to be heard, so they created a powerful forum for them to do so. After many months of hard work, the North City Book release party was held at Carr Lane Middle School on May 3. The book is a collection of positive and inspiring anecdotes by SLPS students about North City.

    From the project’s campaign page:

    In November, an article was published in the New York Times about North St. Louis. The general tone of the article was that of hopelessness and did not accurately tell the story of students and the community we work with each day. As a result, we want to tell the story we are so familiar with, a different story about North City that showcases all that it and its residents have to offer. The best way to tell the story is to literally rewrite the one that is being told.

    The stories in the collection are written and illustrated by elementary and middle school students representing more than 17 schools. Sales from the book will go to provide a scholarship to one North City high school student.  

    For additional information, please visit northcitybookproject.wordpress.com.