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    Former Cardinals closer Al “The Mad Hungarian” Hrabosky helped Herzog Elementary School celebrate the Cardinals appearance in the playoffs by bringing the “Doin' It Right” program to the school recently.  Hrabosky was joined by everyone’s favorite mascot, Fredbird, for a 50-minute presentation on making the right choices when it comes to saying “NO” to drugs.


    During the assembly, Hrabosky and Fredbird shared three important messages with Herzog students that the Cardinals have shared with more than 250,000 students overall: 

    1. Don't Do Drugs
    2. Stay In School
    3. Participate in Sports and Stay Fit

    The “Doin' It Right” traveling school program is cost-free for schools.  It is presented to schools thanks to sponsors such as Fox Sports Midwest. The program, which includes a video presentation and recorded Cardinals player messages, is designed for grades K-6. The interactive assembly encourages students to participate and gives all kids the chance to win prizes.