• Vashon at BOA
    More than 40 civics students from Vashon High School received a resolution of recognition at the St. Louis Board of Aldermen's weekly meeting held on May 22nd.  This group met throughout the school year with legislators from the city and the state, including Aldermen Freeman Bosley, Sr., Alderwoman Marlene Davis and Senator Jamilah Nasheed. 
    The students also met with the elected Board of Education, a representative from Paul McKee's urban redevelopment team and Mary Wheeler from the St. Louis Board of Elections.  Four of these students were sworn in to vote in the next election.  This program was developed by Vashon teacher Mark Kasen and President of the Board of Aldermen Lewis Reed, with the explicit intention of teaching students about government, encouraging advocacy, and recognizing student voice.  
    For next year, these students have begun to prepare an agenda with other legislators in order to expand the program and to keep our young people engaged with community and state government.