• Soldan ISHS Hosts Naturalization Ceremony
    Soldan student and father are among petitioners granted U.S. citizenship
    Soldan Student

    Hind Faisal Muhsen, a senior at Soldan, and her father, Faisal Muhsen Atain


    Nearly 50 people representing countries all over the world became United States citizens on November 15 at a ceremony at Soldan International Studies High School. The petitioners included Hind Faisal Muhsen, a senior at Soldan, and her father, Faisal Muhsen Atain.

    Eastern District of Missouri U.S. Magistrate Judge Shirley Padmore Mensah administered the oath and addressed the new citizens.

    “We are all faces of the United States of America,” said Judge Mensah, who was born in Liberia and became a U.S. citizen at the age of 17. “As citizens, each of you enriches our national culture with your own individual background. We all come with our own stories. We all come with our own traditions and cultures. And I’m sure you’ve heard people refer to America as ‘the great melting pot.’ You may have also heard the description that I prefer, that America is more like a quilt or a beautiful tapestry. Don’t check your cultures and your traditions at the door of American citizenship. It’s all of our differences and backgrounds that make this country great.”  

    The new citizens also heard from local attorney Fibbens Koranteng, who came to the United States as a student from Ghana and later obtained U.S. citizenship.

    “Perhaps the greatest thing that is expected of you is to act as an ambassador for this nation—to serve as a shining example of its citizens and to be a champion of its cause wherever you find yourselves, whether it’s here at home or abroad,” said Mr. Koranteng. He also encouraged the new citizens to look for opportunities to serve the country through public service and volunteerism, and to register to vote immediately.

    “I encourage you to contribute to the public discourse, not to sit by idly and let others decide your fate for you. Look for opportunities to voice your opinion about matters that affect you,” said Mr. Koranteng.

    Each new citizen received a certificate and took a photo with Judge Mensah and Mr. Koranteng. A few of the countries represented included Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq, France, India, Vietnam, Mexico, and Turkey.
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