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    ST. LOUIS, MO. June 27, 2014
    – In an effort to save money and energy while also improving the learning environment for students, Saint Louis Public Schools has completed 90 energy efficiency projects in its school buildings over the past 18 months, which has earned the district $181,019.60 in cash incentives from Ameren Missouri.


    Ameren Missouri’s ActOnEnergy® BizSavers® program offers cash incentives to help fund energy efficiency projects for commercial, institutional and large industrial electric customers. “The Program is designed to make energy efficiency more affordable for everyone,” said Richard Wright, Manager, Energy Efficiency for the BizSavers program. “Not only does this program help make the upfront cost of energy efficient improvements more manageable for our customers, the customer will also see drastically reduced electric bills for many years to come.”


    Lisa G. Williams, Energy Manager, Aramark K-12 Education, Roger L. CayCe retired SLPS Assistant Superintendent and the SLPS Operations Team worked closely with Ameren Missouri’s ActOnEnergy BizSavers program to identify energy-saving measures that were eligible for incentives. The energy efficient measures include replacement of inefficient lighting technologies with more efficient alternatives such as LEDs, the addition of motion-sensing occupancy sensors on light fixtures, installation of drives to control the speed of the heating and air conditioning motors, and upgrades to ENERGY STAR® certified kitchen appliances. Based on today’s electric rates, the district will save over $300,000 in utility costs annually as a result of the projects.  SLPS can also expect to see reduced maintenance costs due to longer lives of equipment and improved lighting quality for the students.


    All Ameren Missouri electric customers are eligible for cash incentives for energy efficiency. To learn more, non-residential customers can visit ActOnEnergy.com/BizSavers; residential customers should visit AmerenMissouri.com/ActOnEnergy.


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