• December 2011- Tey Hoskins, a student from Carnahan High School of the Future, has been named the Teen Governor of Missouri for the Lewis State Convention.  As a result, he was honored by the Special Administrative Board on December 6 as the Spirit of Excellence honoree.


    To be selected as Governor, Tey Hoskins met the following criteria:

    1. Currently a junior in high school (a senior during term of office), with at least one prior year of experience in Youth In Government or similar government-oriented program.

    2. Exhibits strong leadership characteristics and works well with others.

    3. Speaks well in public, effectively conveying ideas and information.

    4. Understands current issues and problems in society and in Youth In Government.

    5. Possesses a strong working knowledge of YIG, and the relationships among its various program areas.

    6. Develops a platform and effectively articulates this plan to others.


    As Governor, Tey Hoskins must perform the following duties:  

    1. Serves as the highest representative of, strongest leader in, and most enthusiastic promoter of Missouri YMCA Youth In Government for both the state and the nation, remaining prepared to represent the YMCA and speak about YIG to other individuals or groups.

    2. Participates in all YIG training events as specified by the Program Committee.

    3. Speaks at the Opening Joint Session of the State Convention, recommending a platform based on her/his study of the bills to come before the legislature.

    4. Prepares a legislative package of up to three pieces of legislation, if deemed necessary, and secures legislators to sponsor this legislation in the Senate and House.

    5. Seeks the advice of the Attorney General on at least one piece of legislation.

    6. Appoints any committee that s/he deems necessary to improve performance in YIG including any committee requested by the legislative or judicial branch.

    7. Sits at the head table at all official functions and presides over the banquet on Friday.

    8. Issues press releases and calls press conferences, if deemed necessary.

    9. Studies each bill passed by the legislature and signs it into law or vetoes it, providing a written explanation for all vetoes to the appropriate legislators.

    10. Speaks at the Closing Joint Session, reviewing the accomplishments of the legislature.

    11. Serves as a member of the Program Committee for one year from the time of the election.

    12. Attends Early Arrival Training on the night prior to the State Convention.



    About Youth In Government

    Since 1949, Missouri YMCA Youth In Government (YIG) has provided students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and experience democracy. Based on the motto “Democracy Must Be Learned By Each Generation”, YIG is a statewide educational program that involves almost 800 Missouri youth each year in various programs. These include our Model Government Program (State Convention), Civic Leadership Institute, Executive Branch Leadership Institute & YMCA Advocacy Day, College Issues Forum, and Conference on National Affairs.


    The Missouri YMCA Youth In Government program is operated by the YMCA Associations in the state under the direction of the YIG Board of Advisors and Program Committee, both composed of adult volunteers and youth representatives from all parts of the state. The program is administered by the YIG State Director through the state office in Jefferson City. Membership in the YMCA, the organization that sponsors the Youth In Government program, is not required in order to participate in Youth In Government.


    Motto: Democracy must be learned by each generation.

    Vision: YIG will inspire a passion for democracy.

    Mission: YIG actively engages youth in the responsibilities of democratic leadership.

    Values: YIG believes in the YMCA core values: Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.


    The purpose of Missouri YMCA Youth In Government is to prepare students for responsible leadership in the American democratic process by providing guidance, training and experience in the theory and practice of determining public policy.

    Missouri YMCA Youth In Government is designed to:

    ·         Motivate young people into citizenship responsibilities.

    ·         Provide opportunities for understanding state agencies and their functions.

    ·         Expand awareness and knowledge of state problems.

    ·         Increase the ability of young people to organize and express ideas clearly and persuasively.

    ·         Stimulate tolerance and understanding of other points of view.

    ·         Give young people an opportunity to express their concerns on state issues to governmental officials in a responsible and constructive way.