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    October, 2011– On Tuesday, October 4, four SLPS teachers received a surprise visit from OfficeMax where they will be honored and recognized with an award and $1,000 worth of much-needed classroom supplies as part of the retailer’s A Day Made Better national cause event.


    Teacher Name

    School Name


    Why Nominated and Selected for Recognition

    Cheryl Castiaux

    Oak Hill Elementary

    4300 Morganford Rd.

    Mrs. Castiaux is a Title 1 reading teacher serving students in grades 2 through 5. The students she serves have made significant improvement in reading. This award would help Mrs. Castiaux enhance the environment in her classroom and provide materials necessary for her students to be even more successful. Mrs. Castiaux is a very dedicated teacher and spends her own money on supplies for her students.

    John Gerdes

    Compton-Drew ILC

    5130 Oakland Ave.

    Mr. Gerdes is committed to exposing his students to musical opportunities and expanding their horizons through music. He schedules concerts in which his students can participate, provides private lessons, and takes his students to band camp at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Mr. Gerdes has worked hard to develop his band and expand the art of instrumental performance.

    Michelle Farrington

    Buder Elementary

    5319 Lansdowne Ave.

    Ms. Farrington is a teacher dedicated to providing for the needs of the whole child. She truly cares about her students both emotionally and academically, always going the extra mile to make sure each one has what they need to learn and grow into productive students. She develops strong relationships between school and home, and utilizes "best practices" in her classroom. She is the kind of teacher you wish you had as a student!

    Debra Bohnert

    Woerner Elementary

    6131 Leona

    Ms. Bohnert is an amazing kindergarten teacher. She has always worked hard to find the materials her students need to be successful in the classroom. She spends many hours and lots of her own money each year to give her students the best possible educational opportunities. She is extremely modest and always gives without asking for anything in return.

     * These honored teachers were nominated by their school principal for demonstrating passion, dedication and innovation in the classroom.


    Because teachers spend $1,000 out-of-pocket annually on essential classroom supplies, OfficeMax and Adopt-A-Classroom founded A Day Made Better to lead the fight to end teacher-funded classrooms. On October 4, 1000 teachers across the nation will receive surprise deliveries of school supplies from OfficeMax worth a total of $1 million dollars. Winning teachers were nominated for this award by their principals for demonstrating passion, dedication and innovation in the classroom.


    For more information, please contact Patrick Wallace, Executive Director of Communications, (314) 420-5782 or Julie Linder, Media Relations Coordinator, (314) 393-0572.