• For over 60 years, the Greater St. Louis Science Fair has served as a fun and motivational way for students, kindergarten to high school, to explore science. 


    This year, St. Louis Public Schools proudly submitted 138 science projects for the fair held at Queeny Park, and walked away with 4 Special Awards, 26 1st place Blue Ribbons, 62 2nd place Red Ribbons, 28 3rd place Green Ribbons, and 33 participation White Ribbons.


    SLPS Blue Ribbons in the Elementary Division (Kindergarten through 5th Grade)

    Kennard Classical Jr. Academy

    • Anthony Roberts: Fastest Fizzer
    • Richard Scott: What is the pH of Different Brands of Orange Juice?
    • Grace Martinez: Oil Absorbency of Different Sorbents
    • Olivia Rosentreter: How Does the Type of Cookie Sheet Affect the Width and Depth of the Cookies?
    • Katherine (K.T.) Elliott: Harping on Science-The Effect of Tension on Pitch
    • Joseph Mathis: Charge It Up With Solar Energy
    • Olivia Estrada: What’s the Temperature-Mr. Cricket?

    Pierre Laclede Elementary

    • Tiffany Williams and Amber Brown: Fruits vs. Vegetables

    Mullanphy ILC

    • Christopher Smith: Trebuchet
      • Gifted Resource Council Special Award
      • 4th Grade Division Winner
    • Josephine Filla: How a Pinhole Camera Works Like an Eye
      • Optical Society of Greater St. Louis Special Award
    • Anastasia Roth: Where Do Mealworms Live?
    • Pranjali Rajalakshmi: How Sweet It Is!
      • St. Louis Dietetic Association Special Award
    • Alayna Jones: The Kidney

    Shaw Visual and Performing Arts Center

    • Nicole Bellman: Does Weight Affect How Far An Object Will Travel?
    • Rosalie Hicks and Destiny Dickerson: Going, Going, Gone...


    • DeVonte Courtney: Balloon Race

    Stix Early Childhood Center

    • Janis Biegler: Exercising
    • Kathleen Rodemacher: M&M Count Down
    • Christine Tongay: Wood, Glue Stuck to You

    SLPS Blue Ribbons in the Secondary Division (Grades 6-12)

    McKinley Classical Jr. Academy

    • Sakiya Bisher-Nea: How do Circadian Rhythms Affect You?
    • Victoria Colman: Which Soap is the best Pre-wash stain treatment?
    • Brennan Dizdar: Zapple
    • Lucy Vigil: The Flute"s Fluctuations
    • Lili Worsena: Germination Investigation of Bean Plants
    • Torey Dunlap: Bacteria in Your Mouth
      • Greater St. Louis Dental Society Special Award

    Metro High School

    • Rebekah Koehn: Synaptic Symphony

    Students who won Blue Ribbons and/or Special Awards will be honored Friday, May 7th, 6:30p.m. (Elementary Division) and 7:30p.m. (Secondary Division) at an awards ceremony at Queeny Park, Greensfelder Recreation Complex, 550 Weidman Road, Ballwin, Missouri 63011. For more information please contact the Office of Public Information (314) 345-2367.