• November 2011- Students at Mallinckrodt travel around the world with Montessori teacher Madonna Kuciejczyk- Kernan in "Stories of Cooperation and Connection", a program that combines storytelling, music and movement.


    This week, students learned about Tishannon"s Woven Dress, by Madonna Kuciejczyk-Kernan which is based onPelle"s New Suit, by Elsa Beskow. Students had the opportunity to touch the wool from the sheep, use the carder, spin the spindle, and touch a completed rug. They also examined Navajo cultural artifacts.


    About "Stories of Cooperation and Connection"

    Students hear stories that broaden their understanding of themselves and the world, and that foster peace in their relationships with one another and with the larger community. They sing songs, play musical instruments, role play and create their own stories of cooperation to tell at home.

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