• During the October 28, 2010, Special Administrative Board meeting, Jeffrey Wilson, a senior at Beaumont High School, was honored as a Spirit of Excellence Award recipient.


    Recently, Jeffrey Wilson and Ms. RoseMarie Goble, his science teacher at Beaumont High School returned from a learning expedition to the Grand Canyon. The St. Louis Science Center coordinated the trip and Jeffrey Wilson earned scholarships to pay for the experience which included studying the geology and land forms in the Grand Canyon. In addition, the group took a helicopter to the bottom of the canyon, where they rafted, camped out under the stars, learned about sustainable camping, and went on mini-hikes to see a waterfall, Anasazi Indian cliff paintings, and a sulfur spring.


    Jeffrey Wilson brought back rocks, sand, and a Colorado River water sample to do water quality tests and compare with the Mississippi River, Missouri River, and the Meramec River for his science fair project this year. He is also assisting Ms. Goble with creating activities to share with other science teachers regarding their experiences in the canyon.