• Recently, five teachers from the St. Louis Public Schools District were surprised with classroom donations of much-needed school supplies that included a printer, a digital camera, and essential classroom materials worth more than $1,000 as part of the “A Day Made Better” campaign.

    The “A Day Made Better” campaign, sponsored by Office Max and Adopt-A-Classroom, provides encouragement and support for teachers who have exemplified passion, dedication, and innovation in the classroom.

    Winners from St. Louis Public Schools include:

    Ms. Sarah Goldak, winner from Woodward Elementary, was complimented by Ms. Patricia Flenoy who stated, “Ms. Goldak is an exceptional teacher admired by all students kindergarten through fifth grade. Currently, her fifth grade boys and girls are receiving her gift of knowledge-not only in academics that will take them to the next grade level, but that of a life-long learning. Ms. Goldak teachers her kids (as she kindly calls them) humility, confidence, and other tools needed to exceed in life. She is an exemplary person and teacher well deserving of this winning package.”

    Ms. Amanda Lewis, winner from Meramec Elementary, was nominated by the school principal, Ms. Nola Lee for incorporating technology into her classroom and creating unique “hands-on” activities to inspire and educate students.

    Ms. Jodi Cooley, winner from Woerner Elementary, was recognized by Ms. Peggy Meyer who stated, “Jodi is a fabulous teacher with a ton of energy and drive! She goes above and beyond the job to ensure that her students learn. Jodi is always seeking out extra help and resources for her students. Her class consists of students from many different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. She works hard to ensure that each of them receive the materials and instruction they need to be successful. Jodi always goes the extra mile for our school as well. She volunteers at all of our events, and even brings her family members in to help. Her dedication to the students in the city of St. Louis is amazing! When a teacher gives that much of herself to her students, she deserves a special surprise.”

    Ms. Jennifer Mathews, winner from Buder Elementary, received overwhelming support from the school. Ms. Rachelle Douglas acknowledged, “Mrs. Mathews was new to Buder School last year and she came in with a wonderful spirit of cooperation. Her grade level team consisted of two brand new teachers and a continuing sub. Jennifer took the lead and guided them through a very successful school year. She uses many hands-on and interactive activities to bring learning to life for her students. Not only is she dedicated to her students and grade level team but she is also dedicated to the school and the district.”

    Ms. Janet Vezeau, winner from Stix Early Childhood Center, was nominated by Principal Diane Dymond for, “ensuring each of her students reaches his/her full potential-academically, socially, and emotionally,” and, “communicating consistently with parents/care givers and works to form a school/home relationship that will support the student.”

    The St. Louis Public Schools District is pleased to have quality teachers such as these and many others who work daily without recognition to ensure that students succeed academically. For more information please contact the Office of Public Information (314) 345-2367.