ST. LOUIS, MO, October 3, 2011  Seventh and eighth grade students at McKinley Classical Junior Academy (CJA) earned scholarship money while showcasing their knowledge about agriscience* during the Bell Greater St. Louis Agriscience Project’s College & Career Fair held Friday, September 23.


    The Bell Greater St. Louis Agriscience Project is a school-based career exploration co-curricular program for middle school and high school students in the greater St. Louis area. The program recruits science teachers to form agriscience clubs where students explore degree programs at agricultural colleges, career opportunities in food manufacturing, and learn about the relationships that link farmers to consumers. 


    McKinley CJA students participating in Bell Greater St. Louis Agriscience Project’s College & Career Fair earned the following awards and scholarships:


    Project Placement

    Scholarship Amount Earned

    Tessa Laslo

    1st Place Overall

    1st Place Botany


    $1,000 = $2,500 Total

    Calvin Schaffer

    2nd Place Overall

    1st Place Engineering


    $1,000 = $2,000 Total

    Anna Dotson

    3rd Place Overall

    1st Place Environment


    $1,000 = $1,500 Total

    Alexis Gordon

    1st Place Food Science


    Tessa Dehart

    2nd Place Engineering


    MarNay Whittaker

    2nd Place Food Science


    Pranjali Rajalakshmi

    3rd Place Environment



    In addition to attending the annual Agriscience College & Career Fair, the Agriscience Club at McKinley CJA provides students with the following opportunities:

    ·         field trips to college campuses and corporations where they meet college administrators, scientists, technicians, and other professionals and business executives

    ·         monthly club meetings

    ·         the Agriscience Youth Challenge, a series of weekly activities where they score points when they develop basic career skills, gain new knowledge, participate in field trip experiences and develop college and career on-line portfolios  

    ·         college and career planning teams, where students explore careers, discover occupations, and learn about college degree programs


    Students and teachers interested in joining or forming an Agriscience Club please visit the Bell Greater St. Louis Agriscience Project for more information.



    *According to TheFreeDictionary.com by Farlex, Agriscience is a discipline dealing with the selection, breeding, and management of crops and domestic animals for more economical production.