• November 2011– The St. Louis Public School District and the Metropolitan Police Department of the City of St. Louis are pleased to announce two new Police Substations located within Ford Elementary and Hamilton Elementary schools.


    The new Police Substations are funded by Operation Weed and Seed, a community-based strategy sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice that aims to prevent, control, and reduce violent crime, drug abuse, and gang activity among youth and adults in designated high-crime neighborhoods.


    Operation Weed and Seed provides a comprehensive multi-agency approach involving law enforcement and social service agencies, faith-based and community organizations and the community. The strategy is a two-pronged approach: law enforcement agencies and prosecutors cooperate in "weeding out" crime while public agencies and community-based private organizations collaborate to "seed" much-needed human services, including prevention, intervention, treatment, and neighborhood restoration programs. A community-oriented policing component bridges the weeding and seeding elements.


    For more information please contact the Office of Public Information (314) 345-2367.